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LIFE IN THE COMICS has a tremendous amount of forward momentum.  A number of comic strip artists, industry professionals, and museum curators have expressed interest in the project (see the list of supporters).  As we roll into 2023 and begin preparing for pre-production and production, it’s important that we continue to connect with the vast network that is the comic strip world.  To help us, we ask that you spread the word.

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Comic Strip, The Documentary, supporters list.

(In alphabetical order)

David Apatoff – Art Critic, Saturday Evening Post,


Brendan Burford – Comic Strip Historian,


John Costa – FedComix,


Barbara Dale – Illustrator,


John Douglass – Professor, American University,


Sara Duke – Curator, Library of Congress,


Tom Gammill – Producer, The Simpsons,


R.C. Harvey – Perpendicular Pronoun Press,


Dan Herman – Publisher, Hermes Press,


Bill Hinds – Tank McNamara,


Bunny Hoest – The Lockhorns,


Bill Janocha – King Features Syndicate,


Karen Johnson – Director, Charles M. Schulz Museum,


Lynn Johnston – For Better or For Worse,


Tim Jones – Sour Grapes,


Jeff Keane – Family Circus,


Bill Keegan – Capital Formation,


Tom Kenny – Voice Actor,


Denis Kitchen – Publisher, Kitchen Sink Press,


Susan Konar – Six Chix,


Amy Lago – Washington Post,


Mark Leithauser – Chief of Design, National Gallery of Art,


Mike Lynch – Cartoonist,


Pete Maresca – Publisher, Sunday Press Books,


Don Mathias – Peanizles,


Patrick McDonnell – Mutts


Ed Meerholz – Babe Ruth Museum,


Bill Morrison – NCS President,


Dean Mullaney – Creative Director, The Library of American Comics at IDW Publishing,


Floyd Norman – Disney Legend, Animator,


Steve Perry – Altered Reality Entertainment,


Mike Peters – Mother Goose & Grimm,


Hillary Price – Rhymes with Orange,


Jenny Robb – Curator, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum,


Jeannie Schulz – President, Charles M. Schulz Museum,


Jerry Scott – Zits, Baby Blues,


Rocky Shepard – President, King Features Syndicate,


Jim Toomey – Sherman’s Lagoon,


Mark Trost – President, FILM Archives,


Brian Walker – Hi and Lois,


Greg Walker – Beetle Bailey,


Wayno – WaynoVision,


Mark Wheatley – Comic Book Illustrator,