The Life In The Comics Documentary Team

Leo Eaton

Producer/ Director

Leo is an Emmy® award-winning filmmaker who’s written, produced, directed and executive produced TV series and specials for US and foreign broadcasters for three decades. Recently, Leo executive produced the PBS/BBC 6-part series Story

of China and wrote and directed the PBS special Weekend In Havana. Other notable work for PBS includes Arts & the Mind and Homeland: Immigration in America. Leo produced National

Geographic Channel’s Emmy award-winning Can the Gulf Survive about the BP oil spill, executive

produced The Story of India for PBS & BBC-TV, produced PBS’s 21-hour series America at a Crossroads, and co-created the Canadian/US Emmy® award- winning children’s series Zoboomafoo.

Robert Lemieux

Producer/ Writer

Robert is a scholar and filmmaker. A professor

of Communication & Cinema, his creativity extends beyond filmmaking and includes curating

popular art exhibitions that have focused on comic strips, illustrated children’s books, and circus history. His debut documentary film, Kings of the Pages, focused on the cultural impact of comic strips and has been praised by many in the comic strip industry.


Brian Walker

Executive Producer

Brian has a diverse background in professional

cartooning and cartoon scholarship. He is a founder and former director of the Museum of Cartoon Art, where he worked from 1974 to 1992. Since 1984, he has been part of the creative team that produces the comic strips, Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois. He has written, edited or contributed to forty books on cartoon art, and he has served as curator for seventy cartoon exhibitions including three major retrospectives.


Jenny Robb

Topic Expert

Jenny is the Curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at The Ohio State University.  In addition to curating the museum’s extensive collection, she organizes world-class exhibits that feature the works of many popular artists.  Jenny is also an avid proponent of comic art as an educational tool.  She is a key contributor to the educational resources of the Opper Project, which is a unique venture that uses editorial cartoons to teach K-12 American history. Prior to her arrival at Ohio State, Jenny worked for the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.


George Karalias 


George has been drawing cartoons and characters since he was a teen. He has worked with Parker Brothers, Tonka, Activision, Nintendo, Sega, and Microsmiths, to create games like Mean 18 (a golf simulation), Swamp Thing, ALF, Bimini Run, Microleague Sports and Talk Time with Tucker (a game for special needs children). Characters he created include Avid’s Multi-Media Man and a counterfeit-fighting superhero, Captain Rochester. With Boston’s Mayor Menino, he created videos to highlight the city. He recently completed a childrens book about a young Elvis called, Come On In, Young Man!


Lucy Caswell 

Topic Expert

Professor emerita, Lucy is the founding curator of The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, the largest and most comprehensive academic research facility documenting printed cartoon art in the USA. She retired December 2010.  Her scholarly work and teaching focused on the history of newspaper comic strips and the history of American editorial cartoons. She has curated more than 75 cartoon exhibits and is the author of several articles and books, the most recent being the revised edition of Billy Ireland. She currently serves as vice president of Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, an annual celebration of cartoon art.